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Colour Sound supplies lighting for Vaccines tour

Colour Sound supplies lighting for Vaccines tour
Colour Sound supplies lighting for Vaccines tour

Indie rockers The Vaccines were on the road again for their ‘English Graffiti’ album campaign, with lighting designed by Dan Williams and supplied by west London based Colour Sound Experiment. The band toured earlier in the year, visiting some of the more off beat venues in the circuit, followed by some gigs over the summer and then this tour which also played a couple of arenas and for which Dan Williams created a completely new design.


The overhead rig was based on three trusses - front, mid and rear - bolstered with eight vertical towers on the floor. The main workhorse lights were 17 Robe BMFL Spots which were all on the overhead rig including five on the front truss used for key lighting.


On the back truss were 7 x Clay Paky A.leda K20 washes fitted with B-Eye lenses used for general stage washes and eye candy looks involving the individual pixels and rings. There were also 8 x Robe LEDWash 600s on the trusses, run in ‘wide’ mode for full ring control, which were used in conjunction with the B-Eyes.


Six Robe Pointes on the front truss frequently reached out into the audience with zappy effects and beams to draw them into the action. There were also 11 Atomics in the air, 11 x 2-Lites and six 8-Lites. To add a scenic element there were 7 x Chinese style lanterns hung from the roof and sourced from a props company with the internal sources run through the lighting console. These were used to break up the look and, juxtaposed against a red upstage back-cloth, relate back to the oriental flavour of the music video for ‘Handsome’, the first single released from ‘English Graffiti’. The drape itself was up-lit with 7 x Chroma-Q ColorForce 72s lying on the floor.


The eight towers were all 3.5 metres tall and are rigged with similar lights. Four of these towers had a Pointe and the other four an LEDWash 600 on top. Clamped to the front of all eight towers were 8 x Patt 2013s, adding another scenic dimension. Also on the front of each tower were two Chauvet Q-Wash 260s and a 2-lite Mole.


There were another six Pointes on the floor, which interacted with the ones on the front truss and blasted out into the audience, and flanking each side of the stage, were two 24K Dinos. Downstage were another eight LEDWash 600s to provide side key lighting on the band and to enhance the lower level light-sources. Atmospherics were provided by two DF50s and two ZR44s, and there were also eight half mirror balls on the rig, four in the air and four on the floor.


All lighting was run by Dan Williams using his own ChamSys Maxi Wing, and joining him on the lighting crew were Colour Sound’s Jon Ricketts and James Hind. For the arena shows and Brixton, four wing trusses were added, two a side dead hung underneath one other to extend the stage space, rigged with 5 x Pointes and 5 LEDWash 600s a side.




Colour Sound supplies lighting for Vaccines tourColour Sound supplies lighting for Vaccines tour

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