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S+H supports Children in Need telethon

S+H supports Children in Need telethon

The main hub of the BBC’s 2015 Children in Need telethon was again Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, where the marathon 7 hour live broadcast on BBC One united stars and special collaborations all of which - along with thousands of activities taking place nationwide - helped raise 37 million pounds for the fundraising campaign.


Drapes, softs and special effects company S+H Technical supplied 350 square metres of its animation cloth and 50 square metres of its RGB Starcloth product to the event, which were an element of the production design created by Alex Craig.


Craig’s studio set evoked fantasy images of both high-tech and retro fairground attractions and was based around multiple LED screens, surfaces and scenic decoration, with five-layered pros arch and dramatic curves. It provided dynamic backdrops to the line-up with guest appearances from Ellie Goulding, Selina Gomez, Jess Lynn and others. Craig initially calculated how many areas of set would be required and then started curving shapes based around CIN mascot Pudsey Bear’s head, ears and arms, combined with the idea of fairground thrills like wavy rollercoaster tracks.


The S+H Animation cloth was wrapped around the perimeter of the studio, run via one of the lighting consoles and effectively linked the colour and movement of the content and images appearing on the screens and other LED surfaces. These ‘soft’ products also amplified the size of the set, particularly on camera - and gave a full 360 degree perspective - so it looked a lot larger simply by filling in gaps with a lightsource, an effect particularly noticeable on the wide and moving crane shots. The starcloth was used behind some specific set pieces.


The 2015 Children in Need broadcast - the 35th anniversary of the appeal - was directed by John L Spencer, the show’s lighting designer was Gurdip Mahal and the executive producer was Paul Wright. Hosts were Dermot O’Leary with Tess Daly, Ferne Cotton, Roschele Humes and Radio One’s Breakfast Show host Nick “Grimmy” Grimshaw, with Shane Richie hosting the sections broadcast on BBC Two.


(Photos: Ben Telford)




S+H supports Children in Need telethonS+H supports Children in Need telethon

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