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Ayrton releases MagicPanel-FX

Ayrton releases MagicPanel-FX

Ayrton has launched MagicPanel-FX, a new MagicPanel multi-function, multi-use luminaire with square optics. MagicPanel-FX’s front face comprises a 5 x 5 array of new squared lenses with isolated RGBW LED emitters. Together these offer new possibilities for creating 2D graphical effects. Each of the 25 squared 65 mm output lenses have an optical surface equivalent to that of an 80 mm round lens, which means MagicPanel-FX also produces an powerful beam capable of creating new 3D volumetric effects.


A new optical zoom system with no visible moving parts outside the unit is formed of a proprietary system with a 15:1 zoom ratio that produces a zoom range of 3.5° to 52°. The unit is capable of projecting everything from tight shafts of light to a wide wash, which makes it useful for pixelmapping, or for use as a special effects projector, or as a wash light.


MagicPanel-FX’s zoom optics are able to project a solid beam that initially appears round, but then squares off as it separates into a patchwork of colours. At its widest spread, the smooth field of the luminaire projects as fully round. MagicPanel-FX offers continuous, unlimited rotation on pan and tilt, has serial connectivity and can be controlled using DMX-RDM, ArtNet, sACN or wireless CRMX TiMo RDM by LumenRadio. The fixture has the same dimensions as the DreamPanel family.



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