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Robe equips UCI Mountain Bike World Championships

Robe equips UCI Mountain Bike World Championships
Robe equips UCI Mountain Bike World Championships

Robe was a sponsor of the 2016 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships held in Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic. It continued Robe’s 2016 ‘Working with Winners’ initiative which has also included sponsorship of the Czech Fed Cup Tennis team, supporting the Quantum Racing team in the 2016 P1 UK SuperStock powerboat racing championship and British Touring Car Championship driver Jack Goff in the current BTCC season.


Robe partnered with Slovakian rental company Q-99 for the 2016 Championships to supply over 100 of the latest Robe moving lights - Squares, BMFL Blades and BMFL WashBeams, Pointes and ColorStrobes - to the event’s entertainment stage which was used for the Opening Ceremony, nightly concerts, as well as for medal ceremonies throughout the five day event. The stage was key to the MTB World Championship action and was located near to the start and finish lines for the races.


A special 14 minute time-sided Opening Ceremony show, produced by Neon Heads and choreographed by Gabriela Vengřinovičová, was followed by a performance by Czech band Vojtěch Dyk & B-Side then nightly music concerts and daily presentations. The Opening Ceremony and other highlights were broadcast by Czech national TV channels and there was extensive live internet streaming of the bike and performance action.


The stage lighting design by Michal Brna and Michal Schmidt didn’t include a conventional onstage/upstage LED source; instead, they decided to use Robe’s new Square. An LED matrix of 25 RGBW multi-chips, 18 x Squares were rigged to a ground support structure at the back of the stage and used to provide all the camera and eye candy, programmed into a series of sequences. It was the first time that Michal Schmidt had worked with the new Square fixtures. He didn’t use a media server or any console mapping apps, but instead ran the fixtures in ‘pixel mode’.


Another 10 x Squares were deployed on three over-stage trusses that were straight in the middle with the end-pieces angled downwards. The final four were rigged in the corners of the roof system. With the Opening Ceremony, choreographed to produce an abstract ‘visual experience’ rather than a linear narrative, the 14 x ColorStrobes - on the three overhead trusses - augmented the Squares.


The framing shutters in the BMFL Blades and WashBeams were used a lot for the MTB event. For the Opening Ceremony, Schmidt used the BMFL’s shutters to divide the stage up into three sections of red, white and blue - which morphed and changed with the music and dance sequences - representing the colours of the Czech flag. Thirty-six Pointes were on three over-stage trusses.


For programming the band performances, the two Michals were joined by another programmer, Martin Nohavica. The BMFLs were his workhorse lights for the whole week, and it was the first time he had used Squares on a lighting rig.


David Kurc from OteSound was the stage manager and sound designer. The overall technical production and infrastructure for the event’s entertainment elements - including stage, rigging, sound system and LED walls - was delivered by Suninvent headed by production managers Ales Pitrun and Michal Kubny. The Meyer Sound PA system was supplied by OteSound, with Remak Audio from Ostrava providing the stage and power distribution and LED screens supplied by LEDVision.


(Photos: Jan Brychta/Michal Cerveny/Robe Marketing)




Robe equips UCI Mountain Bike World ChampionshipsRobe equips UCI Mountain Bike World Championships

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