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Yamaha QL5 used for ‘De Hersenhap’ tour

Yamaha QL5 used for ‘De Hersenhap’ tour

‘De Hersenhap’ (A Piece Of Mind) is a humorous Dutch language production which has enjoyed a successful Belgian tour. Front of House and monitor sound were both mixed on a Yamaha QL5 digital console. The show was mixed by sound engineer Peter Claes.


With the production’s instruments, backline, props, microphones and mixing console all touring in one truck, Claes needed a digital desk which could cope with any house PA system it may encounter, but in a compact footprint. He chose a Yamaha QL5, supplied by AV rental house AED Group. The show featured around 20 input channels for the show’s three musicians, plus wireless microphones and in-ear monitors for the whole cast.




Yamaha QL5 used for ‘De Hersenhap’ tourYamaha QL5 used for ‘De Hersenhap’ tour

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