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Robe fixtures used at Zagreb Festival

Robe fixtures used at Zagreb Festival
Robe fixtures used at Zagreb Festival

The Zagreb Festival is the oldest entertainment music festival in Croatia and has been running annually since 1953. Lighting, set and visuals were designed this year by Miro Hrg, with the full production technical package - including a complete Robe moving light rig - supplied by Croatian rental company Promo Logistika.


The show was broadcast live on Croatia’s National TV station HRT (Hrvatska Radiotelevizija). Miro Hrg worked closely with their lighting director/designer Vesna Gregurević to create the show for a live audience in the Conference Hall at the Plaza Event Centre, Zagreb.


Promo Logistika, also based in the Croatian capital, has provided technical production for the last three festivals. Two years ago Miro Hrg operated the lights, last year he was the set designer and this year he co-ordinated the team and delivered the visual package.


Hrg drew the stage design in a WYSIWYG visualiser together with all lights, video elements and scenography. His colleague Sven Grbec undertook all the lighting programming in conjunction with Vesna Gregurević, who gave instructions of what she wanted to see for each song. She also worked alongside Promo Logistika’s video department led by Kristina Bengez and Viktor Krasnić to decide on the video look and content for each song.


Twenty-six MegaPointes and 24 x LEDBeam 150s graced the lighting plot, together with 24 x BMFL Spots, 12 x LEDWash 600s, 18 x MMX WashBeams, 8 x Vivas and 18 x CycFX 8s. The BMFL Spots were mainly rigged above the stage and used for base looks including backlighting the performers and projecting gobo effects onto the stage and bouncing these out around the audience. The MegaPointes were also above the stage, where they were used for aerial looks, gobos and other effects.


Miro Hrg chose the LEDBeam 150s to accentuate the set arches by having the fixtures attached on some of them. The LEDWash 600s were used as a base orchestra wash and for the main central performance space, while the MMX Spots were the main stage key lighting units and also augmented the audience washes.


The Vivas patterned the venue walls with gobo looks and texturing which produced depth and backgrounds for different camera angles as well as the Steadicam shots. Either side of the stage, the CycFX 8s were arranged in two columns of nine fixtures each, attached to the scenery. They were run in 14-channel mode. The show was programmed and run on a grandMA2 console.


(Photos: Samir Cerić Kovačević)





Robe fixtures used at Zagreb FestivalRobe fixtures used at Zagreb Festival

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