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‘De Stormruiter’ illuminated by Robe

‘De Stormruiter’ illuminated by Robe
‘De Stormruiter’ illuminated by Robe

‘De Stormruiter’ (The Stormrider) - staged in the Saksen Hall at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden, the city in the heart of Friesland, The Netherlands, and recorded for TV broadcast - was commissioned by the Royal Friesian Horse Studbook (Koninklijke Vereniging) and the Fader Horse Foundation and produced by Leeuwarden Friesland 2018 as part of the city and region’s year as European Capital of Culture.


Lighting designer Marc Heinz used 160 x Robe moving lights - BMFLs, LEDBeam 1000s and Spiiders - to help achieve the visual scenography needed to bring the 60-metre-deep and 80-metre-wide performance space alive. The narrative required the creation of multiple locations and environments.


The set was designed by Harn Naaijer. It included an 80-metre-long by 2.5-metre-wide scenic dike upstage - traversing the full width of the arena - which split in two and tracked on and offstage. At the back of the dike was a 60-metre-wide projection screen.


The 24 x BMFL Spots were positioned on nine overhead LX trusses, and all hooked into a tracking system following 12 of the principal actors. The BMFL WashBeams were dotted all over the trusses. The BMFL Blades were on the front trusses, where their shuttering was used for solos, specials and practicals.


The two most downstage LX trusses both had returns onto stage at the corners - making them into a U shape, and the 12 x Spiider LED wash beams were hung along these returns. They provided additional key and front lighting from that angle.


Thirty-four of the 68 x LEDBeam 1000s were placed all in a row on one of the upstage trusses, the other 34 were scattered around on the front and mid trusses. Marc Heinz added 180 x narrow beam PAR 64s to the plot, spread asymmetrically around the trusses, which played an important role in recreating night and day, sunshine, cloudy weather and general meteorology.


Lighting consumed 14 universes of DMX and was run on a Hog 4 programmed by Pepijn van der Sanden working alongside Heinz. The operator for the run of shows was Idwinge Boetes. A Road Hog console was used for running the video media server. All lighting equipment was supplied by Flashlight from Utrecht.


(Photos: Louise Stickland)





‘De Stormruiter’ illuminated by Robe‘De Stormruiter’ illuminated by Robe

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