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Pablo Alborán on tour with Robe

Pablo Alborán on tour with Robe
Pablo Alborán on tour with Robe

The lighting and visual design for Spanish singer and musician Pablo Alborán’s ‘Prometo’ tour has been created by LD Chus Fernandez working closely with artistic director Salva Alborán. It was a fusion of lighting, video and automation.


Fernandez chose to work with Robe moving lights, picking 40 x MegaPointes, 48 x Spiiders and 32 x BMFL WashBeams as the work-horses of the rig, all supplied by rental company Fluge. He and Salva Alborán - who also created the video content - worked out numerous multi-level ideas and looks, including an upstage 4.8 mm LED screen measuring 16 metres wide by 7 high and a moving ceiling of 72 x 5x5 matrix LED fixtures as a special feature.


The upstage truss above the screen contained 16 x MegaPointes, and four diamond orientated trusses around the 5x5 ceiling feature were rigged with 24 x MegaPointes - six per section of truss. Thirty-six of the Spiiders were positioned on both sides of the stage in diamond shaped frames, with the other 12 Spiiders and 12 of the BMFL WashBeams on the floor, dotted around the risers and stage set. The final 20 x BMFL WashBeams were positioned round the sides of the screen.


Video included an IMAG mix cut by Iván García and David Hidalgo. Chus Fernandez programmed the show. During production rehearsals at Fluges Studios in Arganda del Rey, Madrid, he worked with two assistant programmers, Juan Manuel Lazaro and Javier ‘Rubito’ Lapuerta, and on tour, Lapuerta was his lighting design assistant.


The Fluge lighting crew chief was Bochi Piaggio. Miguel Angel Almagro was the video crew chief, Iñaki De La Vega operated the automation and Nacho Jipi was the stage manager. Gorka Mondragón was the production manager. Ricardo Badal was the tour manager.


(Photos: Juan Fajardo/The Fly Factory)





Pablo Alborán on tour with RobePablo Alborán on tour with Robe

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