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Robe illuminates ‘The Four - Season Two’

Robe illuminates ‘The Four - Season Two’
Robe illuminates ‘The Four - Season Two’

‘The Four: Battle for Stardom’ - AKA ‘The Four’ is a new US reality TV show and singing competition produced by ITV Entertainment and Armoza Formats. Lighting designer Tom Sutherland of DX7 Design produced a large scale immersive 360-degree lighting environment for the second season. It was a distinctive aesthetic shift from the look of the first season, and this time around, he included Robe MegaPointes and Spiiders on the rig.


The show was recorded in Studio 14 of the CBS Studio Centre in LA and the lighting equipment was supplied by California based Felix Lighting. The set, involving substantial LED structures, was produced by Florian Wieder of Wieder Design.


Tom Sutherland tried to integrate as many varied elements into the lighting design as possible, all shaped to create a 360-degree space more like a club in ambience and appearance than a TV studio. Program director Phil Heyes also embraced this concept.


The 28 x MegaPointes were positioned above what they called ‘The Frown’, a curved truss which provided a proscenium style mask for the central video wall, also curved, and as such was the icon-piece of the lighting design. Everything on the rig fed visually into the center circle of lighting just behind the Frown.


Twenty-eight out of a total of 56 x Spiiders were hung immediately below the MegaPointes on the bottom of the Frown, along its curvature, and these were used extensively for their effects including the washes, beams and the center flower. The remaining Spiiders were all dotted around the circle, retaining a central piece of the action.


Sutherland worked with two operators on Season 2, Joe Holdman who looked after the whole lighting rig and Nate Files who dealt with the screens and video content, both using GrandMA2 full size consoles.


Their four-day weeks started with one day of just the lighting team; for the second they would get the chance to dry-block with the performers, and this was followed by a camera day, then the show day. The series’ creative director was Justin Mabardi and the ITV America producers were David Friedman and Becca Walker.


(Photos: Tom Sutherland/ITV America/FOX)





Robe illuminates ‘The Four - Season Two’Robe illuminates ‘The Four - Season Two’

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