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Robert Juliat fixtures chosen for ‘Nouvelles Pièces Courtes’

Robert Juliat fixtures chosen for ‘Nouvelles Pièces Courtes’
Robert Juliat fixtures chosen for ‘Nouvelles Pièces Courtes’

‘Nouvelles Pièces Courtes’ is a collection of short contemporary dance pieces, created in May 2017 by French choreographer Philippe Decouflé and his Compagnie DCA. Lighting designer Begoña Garcia-Navas used Robert Juliat fixtures to complement each different dance piece through her use of lighting, choosing 20 Robert Juliat Dalis 860 Cyclight LED batten fixtures to light the massive cyclorama backdrop, and Robert Juliat profiles, including 613SX, 614SX, 713SX and 714SX fixtures, as conventional lighting.


Garcia-Navas also specified three RJ followspots, with the models changing according to which venues the company visits. She positioned ten Dalis 860 Cyclight LED battens in the grid and a further ten at stage level, with a minimum distance from the back wall of 40/50cm depending on available space at each venue. From these positions the Dalis covered the 6.5 m tall drop with colour.


Garcia-Navas selected her Dalis fixtures after trying out several options. “Initially we used some architectural LED fixtures, and then tried around 60 tungsten fixtures with colour gel filters, but I was not satisfied with the result,” she says. “I decided to compare some LED battens and, over several tests, was finally convinced that the Robert Juliat Dalis was the one I wanted.”


 ‘Nouvelles Pièces Courtes’ toured France throughout 2017 before returning to the Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris in April 2018. The production then moved to Japan, where the Robert Juliat equipment was supplied by Robert Juliat’s distributor, Sogo Butai, overseen by Kohei Nishida. ‘Nouvelles Pièces Courtes’ also traveled to Brazil and Russia.


(Photos: Laurent Philippe)





Robert Juliat fixtures chosen for ‘Nouvelles Pièces Courtes’Robert Juliat fixtures chosen for ‘Nouvelles Pièces Courtes’

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