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Zero 88 in action at Fringe Festival in Edinburgh

Zero 88 in action at Fringe Festival in Edinburgh

At the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival the Zero 88 team was - again - on the ground with training and technical support for a range of their lighting consoles and control solutions.


They also embraced the sociosphere with the creation of #behindthefringe - a forum for anyone into fringe performance and involved with a show using Zero 88 products (#behindthefringe will be launched as a website later in the year as a hub and platform for comments, experiences and opinions, sharing information and connecting people through various Fringe projects linked via Zero 88).


Over 100 different Zero 88 consoles were in action site-wide at this year’s Edinburgh event, which is the largest arts festival in the world, producing nearly 60,000 new performances in over 300 venues across 25 days. These included an ever-growing number of latest generation Zero 88 FLX lighting desks, and generally around the Fringe, Zero 88 is one of the most popular control solutions for a diversity of productions.


This year 89 new Zero 88 lighting desk operators were trained. Most of the training sessions were for between two and six people, conducted in numerous different locations around the city.


Zero 88 consoles were being used in many key areas of the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe including The Space UK, which was using FLX for the first time; the assorted Underbelly venues and for Assembly and Summerhall productions all of which featured FLX across multiple sites and venues.




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