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Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards lit by Chauvet

Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards lit by Chauvet

For the past three years, the design of the Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards (SWOTY) has been left to the hands of SXS 20, which built its design for the most recent SWOTY around a collection of over 90 Chauvet Professional fixtures.


SXS 20’s design concept for this year’s gala revolved around the idea of creating stunning looks while still respecting and accentuating the architectural elements of the event venue at 8 Northumberland Avenue, just off Trafalgar Square.


To achieve this goal, the SXS 20 team had to address the issue presented by the relative lack of hanging points in the venue. The team did this by constructing a ground support structure and recessing its towers in the room’s arches. This made it possible to hang more lighting in the room.


SXS 20 used 11 Maverick MK1 Hybrid fixtures at the event, deploying eight units for mid-air effects and breakups, while dedicating two units to statue washing and one to backlighting winners backstage.


SXS 20 also deployed eight Rogue R2 Wash fixtures as audience washes, six as front lights, two as specials and four as part of the DJ floor package. The design team also used four Rogue R1 Wash fixtures as front lights at the judges’ table. For backstage lighting, they used 10 Colordash Par-Hex 12 fixtures. The team also positioned Well Fit fixtures around the room for uplighting.





Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards lit by ChauvetSpectacle Wearer of the Year Awards lit by Chauvet

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