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Marc Lorenz invests in Robe RoboSpots

Marc Lorenz invests in Robe RoboSpots
Marc Lorenz invests in Robe RoboSpots

Marc Lorenz of Licht-Pixel is a freelance lighting and visuals designer, programmer and operator based in Munich, Germany and working globally on a host of international projects. Licht-Pixel owns an amount of specialist equipment related to lighting and visuals control, including a range of media servers - Catalyst, Resolume and Modul 8, etc., and the full range of Hog4 consoles.


Lorenz has now invested in four full Robe RoboSpot remote follow spotting systems - BaseStations and MotionCameras. He first saw RoboSpots in action during a preview presentation with Robe. This was followed by the first hands-on encounter during the 2018 Helene Fischer tour where he was working as tech support on the Hog 4 consoles. Four back truss BMFL fixtures controlled via two RoboSpot base stations, all provided to the tour by rental company Satis&fy.


Licht-Pixel’s RoboSpots are run over fibre systems based on Neutrik OpticalCon quad to make cabling easy, including Luminex based networking devices. The systems have already been out on tour with German pop band Pur, then on Herbert Grönemeyer’s spring 2019 tour and after that the Porsche Tennis Cup in Stuttgart.


(Photos: Marc Lorenz)



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