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Robert Juliat fixtures installed at London’s National Theatre

Robert Juliat fixtures installed at London’s National Theatre

The National Theatre, situated on London’s South Bank, includes three theatres - the 1110-seat Olivier, the 890-seat Lyttelton and the 400-seat Dorfman. The NT technical department has invested in Robert Juliat lighting equipment over the last 12 months to add to its already large inventory of RJ fixtures.


“We have over 300 Robert Juliat 600 Series 1 kW and 700 Series 2.5 kW profile fixtures, mostly used as generic lighting in the Olivier and Lyttelton theatres where they are rigged on the front of house bridges,” says Lighting Resources Manager Paul Hornsby.


2018 saw Hornsby’s department make an investment in 54 Dalis 860 300 W LED cyclorama battens. “Our aim was to be able to light a full wrap-around cyclorama in the Olivier, which we are able to do using 48 Dalis units (24 each on top and bottom). The cyclorama for 'Common', for example, measures 8 m high by 21.5 m wide. We chose Dalis because we were looking for an LED solution to replace our old tungsten cyclorama lights.”


Joining Dalis in the Olivier are three new RJ Cyrano 2.5 kW HMI followspots which are now permanent fixtures in the followspot box at the back of the auditorium. The National Theatre also purchased sixteen new RJ Cin’k 350LF 5 kW tungsten Fresnels for the Lyttelton Theatre’s basic rig where they will operate in overhead positions.


The Cin’k 350LF Fresnels supplement 16 RJ Cin’k 325LF already owned by the National Theatre in the resources hire stock, alongside 30 RJ Lutin 306 1 kW units. “The little Lutins are used a lot in our new Dorfman Theatre, hired from the resources stock to supplement the basic rig,” concludes Hornsby.


Pictured (left to right): The National Theatre lighting team - Paul Hornsby (Lighting Resources Manager), Matt Drury (Head of Lighting) and Laurie Clayton (Lyttelton Lighting Supervisor). (Photo: Julie Harper)



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