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LED retrofit at Olive Baptist Church includes Elation stage lighting

In 2019, Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, made the decision to upgrade both their stage and house lighting systems in their main sanctuary (designed to hold about 4,000 people) - an undertaking that meant replacing over 600 lighting fixtures.


“We decided to replace every tungsten light that illuminated in the room with an LED fixture,” says Bobby Taylor, Tech Director and Director of Communications at Olive Baptist Church, “and for the stage lighting project chose a full complement of Elation LED fixtures.”


Because of the electrical complexities of the space, the project was looked on as two construction projects within one - a general house lighting project and a stage lighting project. The existing house lighting system of 522 500 W fixtures was replaced with color temperature adjustable white lights and RGBL fixtures, while the old stage lighting system of roughly 100 575 W ellipsoidals and 1000 W Par Cans was replaced with a new Elation LED system of moving heads, Pars, battens and ellipsoidals. Elation dealer Everlast Productions supplied the lighting to Olive Baptist for the retrofit.


The church had the ability to do the project in house, and acting as their own in-house design build contractor chose the fixtures, tested them and proved the design concepts. They then subcontracted out the installation work to Current Solutions (Chris Mock), who handled the electrical for the house lighting, and All Pro Integrated Systems, who handled the sACN infrastructure, components, cabling and design. Because of the experience the church has on staff, the stage lighting was designed in house.


Taylor decided to go with an assortment of LED moving heads, choosing a pair of Artiste series fixtures - Artiste Picasso and Artiste DaVinci - along with Dartz 360 and Platinum 1200 Wash units. Placed at various locations on stage, the Dartz 360 were chosen as a fixture primarily for beam effects.


A combination of tungsten fixtures and Elation WW Profile HP warm-white ellipsoidal spots, all with 10-degree lenses, serve as key and backlighting on the stage. Elation SixPar Z19 six-color Par wash lights are used for stage back wash and choir down fill. “The ultraviolet feature of this fixture plays a big role in kids performances,” says Taylor.


Elation DW Chorus white light LED battens are used to light a massive stained-glass window that retracts to expose a performance scrim area or an additional projection screen. An assortment of other fixtures are used for accent lighting such as Elation SixPar 100 LED Pars and ADJ Ultra Hex Bar 12 linear LED fixtures.


Taylor remarks that an advantage of the space is an extensive catwalk system that is accessible by elevator, as well as a slated ceiling that allows for access to the area above. He adds that during the renovation, they also did a lot of work enhancing some of the lighting features, replacing things like chair railing on the back walls with very thin chair railing to minimize shadows.




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