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D&B GSL Series on the road with Slipknot

Chase Usry, Systems Engineer for Eighth Day Sound, has been working on U.S. metal band Slipknot’s latest European tour. He explains that with such a loud heavy metal act, the low mid-range is critical for making the desired hard-hitting sound.


“Heavy metal needs to come out as a full sound that is aggressive and powerful, and if the sound system doesn’t have the lower region it will lack the proper feel and will turn into a mess fast,” says Usry. “To meet these demanding audio requirements, we decided to go with the GSL system from D&B Audiotechnik for our current leg of the tour.“


The GSL system is the biggest line array in the D&B SL-Series, specifically designed for large-scale sound reinforcement. Up to twenty-four GSL12 or GSL8 loudspeakers can be flown in vertical columns producing a 120° or 80° constant directivity dispersion pattern in the horizontal plane respectively.


The loudspeakers are driven actively by two channels of a D&B amplifier, one channel powering the L.F. drivers, the second channel powers all other components, these are passively crossed-over. Due to the arrangement of the front and side-firing L.F. drivers, accurate directivity control is maintained from 45 Hz to above 18 kHz.


The standard Slipknot sound system for this tour comprised of: Main - 14 GSL8 and 4 GSL12 per side; Side - 16 KSL8 per side; Flown Sub - 6 SL Sub per side; Ground Sub - 12 SL Sub; Front Fills - 8 Y10P; Center Fills - 2 V7P; Wedges - 10 M4s.




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