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Robe launches T11 fixture

Robe has launched the new T11 luminaire, the latest in its T series. T11 is a static fixture - available in three versions (Profile, Fresnel and PC) - designed especially for theatres and performance spaces to renew their existing “generic” lighting rigs and upgrade to the latest LED technology.


The MSL-TE 350 W LED engine generates 16,760 Lumens, giving 9,500 lumens from the T11 Profile, 9,600 lumens out of the T11 Fresnel and 9,400 lumens for the T11 PC, and being a TE (Transferable Engine) light source, brings the advantages of straightforward exchange or replacement.


A rapid-change front lens system transforms the T11 into the Profile, Fresnel or PC variants. High-definition optics deliver accurate projection and beam control, with a 10:1 ratio 5-50° zoom from the T11 Profile unit’s single, integral lens tube (without needing additional lens tubes or optical variants). The T11 Fresnel offers a Fresnel-style beam while the PC version has a soft-edged PC beam, both with a 5-60° zoom.


There is a virtually controlled CCT range between 2.700 K to 8.000 K. Calibrated whites and tungsten emulation ensure the demanded skin tones due to the T11’s high TLCI and TM30-18 ratings and the CRI of 95+. In the fresnel version, the T11 Profile’s manual shuttering system functions as an internal barn door.


Integral to the T11 Profile is a manual 1° MagFrost (Magnetic Paddle System) for instant softening, standard on this fixture which also has optional 5° and other frosts available. The T11 PC and T11 Fresnel fixtures have a 5° MagFrost as standard, plus a range of optional frosts. The T11 runs Cpulse flicker-free software and has a dedicated plus/minus green channel control.


To increase gobo capacity of the T11 Profile from the single breakup gobo and holder included with the fixture, an optional drop-in module containing two rotating and three static gobos is available, fitted using Robe’s standard slot-and-lock system. With a motorised iris included, this allows the dual projection of both static and rotating gobos to produce more dynamic effects.


(Photos: Robe Lighting s.r.o./Mara Holub)




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