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Arizona’s Passion Church upgrades with Elation

Arizona’s Passion Church upgrades with Elation
Arizona’s Passion Church upgrades with Elation

Passion Church, a multigenerational and multi-ethnic church in Casa Grande, Arizona, was in need of a complete audio, visual, and lighting systems overhaul to effectively equip its growing ministries into the future and chose Elation Fuze Pendants as part of the solution.


In early 2020, Passion Church reached out to 5 Words Media, an AVL production company based in Phoenix, to inquire about a full AVL system design. 5 Words Media Sales Engineer Brandon Cole met Pastor Romeo Leal on-site at Passion Church to walk the space and strategize an AVL system to support their current and future needs.


5 Words Media designed the lighting system with Elation products chosen for house lighting, atmospherics, wireless DMX/distribution, and control, namely Fuze Pendants, a Magma Prime haze machine from Magmatic atmospheric effects, an Elation E-Fly wireless DMX Transceiver, and an NX Wing controller from Obsidian Control Systems. “While house lighting was not part of the original scope of work, after a few conversations with Pastor Romeo we quickly discovered the value in adding 18 Fuze Pendants across their sanctuary”, Cole states.


The new lighting system, which is also used to enhance the quality of the church’s broadcast efforts, gives coverage across the entire audience, while giving control over the left, center and right. Cole notes that it also allows them to bring down the left and right while leaving the center up and vice versa, color included. The install in the 450-capacity sanctuary space was completed in mid-February.


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Arizona’s Passion Church upgrades with ElationArizona’s Passion Church upgrades with Elation

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