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CSM uses IP-rated Elation gear for Daytona 500

CSM uses IP-rated Elation gear for Daytona 500

CSM Production of Charlotte, North Carolina, was again called on to provide pre- and post-race production for Nascar’s Daytona 500, and for this year’s race they turned to an IP-rated package of Elation lighting gear. Delayed for six hours due to storms, the 2021 edition of The Great American Race was a rain-soaked affair.


CSM handled all pre-race events including a concert by country artist Luke Combs, driver intros and the National Anthem, as well as Victory Lane celebrations after the race. Luke Combs played to the live crowd and a global audience on Fox with safety protocols requiring fans to remain in the grandstand seats. Ashley Tobin Rutherford, Sr. Coordinator of Technical Production at CSM Production, designed the lighting for the Luke Combs stage.


For the concert CSM constructed a main stage of truss grid bolted on a 53-ft long flatbed trailer on which four 2x7 vertical LED screens and a center 6x11 screen hung, along with twelve lighting pipes. Here, 12 Elation Cuepix 16 IP 4x4 matrix LED blinder and effect panels (acquired by CSM specifically for the event), 12 Elation SixPar 200 IP par lights and LED battens complemented the screen backdrop.


Flanking the main stage were truss grids bolted onto two landscape trailers that held PA and additional lighting for the concert, including 6 Elation ACL 360 Matrix moving head effect panels, 8 Elation Platinum Wash LED Zoom moving heads and 12 Elation Cuepix Strip Tri fixtures working with 4 Antari M-7 RGBA foggers. All control data ran through a Netron EN12 node from Obsidian Control Systems. Combs got Nascar fans warmed up for the race, performing five songs with his newest song aired live on TV. After the concert, the PA trailers and center stage were cleared away, leaving just the LED backdrop for driver intros with custom content mapped to the screens and lights.


Post-race at Victory Lane, 12 Elation Proteus Hybrid IP-rated arc source moving heads (rented from Music Matters of Atlanta),16 Elation Pixel Bar 60IP and 2 Pixel Bar 30IP battens worked with 4 Antari M-7 RGBA foggers to add energy to race winner Michael McDowell’s victory celebration. Eight Proteus Hybrids on truss towers provided front wash during the trophy presentation and photos, hit the front stretch of seats for burnouts, and provided the light show for a song played throughout the speedway. Four additional Hybrid units and foggers on stage added movement and cryo effect shots during burnouts, the lightshow, and driver car exits in the Winner’s Circle. The Pixel Bar fixtures outlined the existing signage.


CSM supplied all of the Elation gear, except for the Proteus Hybrids, and worked with Elation rep firm The Healy Group for all things Elation.


(Photos: CSM/Elation)




CSM uses IP-rated Elation gear for Daytona 500CSM uses IP-rated Elation gear for Daytona 500

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