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Robe illuminates “De Vooravond”

“De Vooravond” is a new talk-show broadcast on the Netherlands’ first national TV channel NPO 1, presented by Renze Klamer and Fidan Ekiz covering a mix of politics, sport, music, and culture, often with some live performance spots.


The current and second series is being lit by LD Jeroen van Geffen using Robe moving lights including T1 Profiles, Esprites and Spikies. Van Geffen works for production company Chain which is part of the Rentall group’s operations specializing in broadcast lighting and audio.


He initially lit the first pilot for this series - which takes inspiration from the “De Wereld Draait Door” (The World Moves On) ‘magazine’ programme that ran for fifteen years - at the end of 2020. The second series, which is being recorded at the NEP Westergas Studio Amsterdam, started in the new year.


Set designer Ronald van den Bersselaar of BEEO built a U-shape set with screens along the sides measuring 7 metres wide and 4 metres high - the full height of the space. There are three letters along the back. An “O” on the left, the “V” which is split into two parts along the back and the “R” on the right. The O and R are projected with Esprites fitted with custom Rosco gobos, and the two parts of the V are shaped utilizing Esprite framing shutters.


With the height of the LED screens and the ceiling, there was no chance of any drop-down arms or other rigging aids. The round table at which presenters and guests sit is also on a revolve so it can turn 45 degrees. The show’s cold-open and intro are presented with the table at a 45-degree position and following a ‘news of the day’ video clip, the desk then turns - with all the guests onboard - to the left, ending up at the 12 o’clock position as the broadcast starts. “Basically, I needed lights that would turn with the table”, explains van Geffen, who would usually light a desk area like this with static luminaires like fresnels, but to deal with the movement, he would have needed three times the number of conventional fixtures, so instead decided to use 16 units of the Robe T1 Profiles.


Thirteen Robe Esprites on the show essentially replace the MMX Spots that were used for several years on “De Wereld Draait Door”. Four of the Esprites are used for the set dressing and the rest are rigged above the performance area. “De Vooravond” also features 20 x Robe Spikies. These are used for the small band/artists space in one corner of the studio. The Robe luminaires plus other lights on the show are all being run via a GrandMA3 console.


(Photos: Nathan Reinds/Natalia van der Zalm)




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