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CLW church in Bonn upgrades with Martin Audio CDD

The CLW in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany, is a protestant free church and open to believers of all nationalities and generations. As the live music component in the church has grown steadily in recent years, an upgrade of the sound system was necessary.


“We have been working on a new sound reinforcement solution to meet our many requirements for a while”, says Julian Betker, trainee pastor and vicar at the CLW. “On the one hand, we wanted to use our existing technology, including mixing consoles, microphones and subwoofers. Our church lives through, and with, live music. However, the positioning of the loudspeakers meant that there was always a risk of feedback.”


Several loudspeaker manufacturers were approached to develop a solution. The company Klein Beschallungs- und Kirchentechnik from Cologne, together with Audio-Technica, created a concept with loudspeakers and power amplifiers from Martin Audio. Great emphasis was placed on seamless integration into the existing system.


Since the church building is a rotunda with a gallery, the sound system was divided into sections. The area in front of the stage is the largest area to be covered (with two Martin Audio CDD12s). The upper tier, which uses a glass pane as a parapet, was covered with two CDD10 loudspeakers.


CDD6 loudspeakers were used below the gallery, and A55 speakers from the Adorn series were used inside the rooms. Everything is driven by VIA5002 and VIA5004 power amplifiers, optimised by presets provided by the DX0.5 system controller.


(Photos: Martin Audio)




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