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Avantone Pro pays tribute to Gauss with new active reference monitor

Avantone Pro pays tribute to Gauss with new active reference monitor
Avantone Pro pays tribute to Gauss with new active reference monitor

Avantone Pro introduces Gauss 7, an active (Bi-Amped Class D) full-range, two-way reference monitor mixing vintage nearfield old-school snap and new-school-boosted bandwidth and frequency response decades after the Gauss Speaker Company’s closure.


The Gauss Speaker Company was a - short lived - division of Cetex Gauss based out of Sun Valley, California, that rose to prominence in the early Seventies with a line of loudspeakers that found their way into PA systems, studio monitors, and instrument amplifiers. Amongst others, guitar manufacturer Fender offered Gauss speakers as an upgrade for select amplifiers.


The custom, patented-design Gau-AMT tweeter lies at the heart of Gauss 7 to deliver stereo imaging while maintaining a small vertical throw. This reduces unwanted acoustic reflections in a room, helping to minimize phase issues in an acoustic environment. Technically, the transient response of the Gau-AMT tweeter comes courtesy of its 65 mm PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) film-folded membrane. Duly chosen as it is the lowest resonant frequency film, PET film also hosts the lowest crossover point. The tweeter’s coil is aluminum-etched PET film, folded. Furthermore, the assembly is mounted in its own enclosure to prevent backwave pressure from the woofer.


Woofer-wise, Gauss 7’s is inspired by Avantone Pro’s AV10-MLF ‘white cone’ construction, yet was still engineered from the ground up. The woofer cone itself is a pressed design, fabricated from the same proprietary blend of wood pulp and glass fiber found in the company’s CLA-10 series’ AV10-MLF woofer, with majorly increased materials to provide the hard snap and fast transient response of the CLA-10 series but benefitting from majorly increased low end (low-end reference reaching down to 30 Hz). The woofer’s motor structure is made of low-carbon 1008 steel, so enables the highest amount of magnetic flux density between the pole pipe and the top plate. The high-end frequency response is reaching up to 22 kHz. A rear-firing bass port gives Gauss 7 a controlled low end with a tight response.


The Gauss 7 provides a 7” (178 mm) Ferrite Motor Gau-7MLF low-frequency driver, 2.5” (65 mm) Gau-AMT high-frequency driver, 120 W low-frequency amplifier power, 60 W high-frequency amplifier power, 103 dB (Peak) SPL (Sound Pressure Level), and 0.5 % THL (Total Harmonic Distortion) delivered from an enclosure measuring 381 mm H x 235 mm W x 212 mm D (15” H x 9.25” W x 8.35” D) and weighing in at 8.2 kg (18 lbs). It also offers balanced XLR and ¼” TRS inputs, a three-position Acoustic Placement switch, an adjacent three-position High Trim switch, and Gain control. Gauss 7 will be shipping globally in early June 2021.


(Photo: Avantone Pro)




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