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Steve Kosiba turns to Chauvet for June Divided

Steve Kosiba turns to Chauvet for June Divided
Steve Kosiba turns to Chauvet for June Divided

Philadelphia-based lighting designer Lenny Sasso has designed lightshows for the likes of Thrice, Circa Survive, and Atreyu. When he isn’t running the console, he’s playing bass guitar and synthesizer for the indie band June Divided.


Recently, when the band recorded a pair of music videos on the Ruby Stage at Squeek Lights in Middlesex, New Jersey, Sasso was on the receiving end of the LD-musician relationship. Steve Kosiba created the lightshow for both videos, one of which premiered on the website of Philadelphia’s 104.5 alternative rock station.


“I ran the basic color scheme by Lenny”, says Kosiba. “He gave me his feedback, but let me do what I wanted otherwise. It was a fun project for all of us.” The color scheme Kosiba went with for the song featured on 104.5 (“If I Knew How To Love”), was a Cyan/Magenta/Yellow mix. For the other song, “The Wall,” he created a blend of amber and deep congo blue along with warm white.


Helping Kosiba create his color-scapes, along with the rest of his looks, was a collection of 42 Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 BeamWash fixtures, with ten units used for front light, twelve for side light, eight for top light and twelve for back light.


(Photos: Chauvet Professional)




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