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Absen’s Aries MiniLED provides backbone for virtual studio

When the pandemic hit, Scotland-based Catalyst Event Production Services (CEPS) wanted to create a flexible solution to continue to offer their event production services to customers whilst also adhering to the pandemic’s limitations: Catalyst Connect was created in a 200 sqm space hosting a 50 sqm presentation stage with an LED backdrop in the heart of their Perth-based offices.


When designing Catalyst Connect, the company wanted to be able to offer a fully customisable solution, with professional audio, lighting and 4K video systems. The virtual studio needed to not only cater for online and in person presenters, appropriated socially distanced, but also be capable of hosting livestreams, broadcast recordings as well as live voting. To achieve this, CEPS opted for Absen’s Aries 1.5 MiniLED purchased from UK-based distributor PSCo.


Cataylst Connect has been operating successfully since August 2020. “We’ve had a regular stream of work from companies wanting to elevate their virtual presentations to match their existing brand values and to overcome the limitations of webinars from home offices”, says Graeme Craig, CEPS’s managing director.


(Photos: Catalyst Event Production Services)




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