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Avid updates Avid Stream IO

Avid has announced the latest enhancements to its Avid Stream IO software subscription platform for broadcast production ingest and playout, including additional channel count, playlist building, closed captioning and new codec support.


To improve performance, Avid Stream IO’s channel count has doubled to now support up to eight channels in a single system, with the flexibility to configure inputs and outputs freely. This is in addition to the existing four channel configuration available since launch.


Alongside the increased channel count, content teams are now able to build media playlists ready for playback during production directly from the Avid Stream IO web remote console. Ideal for manual operation, this also offers a solution for business continuity by providing a back-up should studio playback automation be unavailable for any reason, meaning shows can stay on air in the event of such a failure.


With this release, Avid Stream IO now supports closed captioning on playout, giving teams the option to preserve and include closed captions on both ingest and playout. Increased codec support is also now available, with AVC-LongG12 and 25 formats added.


Avid Stream IO runs on COTS hardware and is available through subscription. Together with the Avid FastServe family of video server solutions, Avid Stream IO provides a range of options for media content producers seeking to upgrade from their existing Avid AirSpeed systems.




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