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Dominic Lopenzo evokes stained-glass Christmas memories with Chauvet

Dominic Lopenzo evokes stained-glass Christmas memories with Chauvet

The stately brick building with the vaulted roof at 730 South Florida Avenue stood as a reassuring landmark for residents of the Lake Morton Historic District in Lakeland, Florida, since its opening in 1925. A particular feature that was a favorite was the large rectangular, arch-topped stained-glass windows that lined the building’s sides, and the base of its belfry tower. Grace City Church purchased this historic site in 2013.


Grace City’s lighting designer Dominic Lopenzo missed the elegance of the stained-glass windows after Grace City moved from the old South Florida Avenue building into a larger, more modern facility a couple of years ago to meet the needs of its growing congregation. This Christmas he created the effect of these beloved gems at the church’s services with the help of pixel mapped Chauvet Professional fixtures.


“The stained-glass window looks between our LED wall and the Chauvet lights are probably my favorite element of my design this Christmas”, said Lopenzo. “The massive stained-glass windows in our old building were special, so this look is reminiscent of that era in our new church. With the pixel mapping functions of the Colordash Battens and the R3 Washes in our rig, I am able to create a more seamless look between the LED wall images of the stained-glass windows and the lighting fixtures by setting up color changing effects for each individual LED pixel.”


Using his church’s “regular year-round rig” for Christmas, Lopenzo relied on four Rogue R3 Spot, four Rogue R3 Wash, four Rogue RH1 Hybrid, and ten Rogue R1 Wash fixtures for his lighting. He also used eight Colordash Batten Quad-12 for backlighting in the center of the stage.


“The R3 fixtures are in the air on my upstage truss, while the R1 washes and RH1 hybrids are scattered around the deck”, he said. “The washes are used in a typical wash fashion for slower and lower dynamic parts of the songs, but when the big instrumentals kick in, they’re zoomed all of the way in to act as beam fixtures to complement the R3 spots and RH Hybrids. For Christmas, I feel like Gobos are the best things to use to create vibes for the songs. I usually have one of the Gobo designs set for the majority of any particular song.”


(Photos: Chauvet Professional/Grace City Church)




Dominic Lopenzo evokes stained-glass Christmas memories with ChauvetDominic Lopenzo evokes stained-glass Christmas memories with Chauvet

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