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Leicester College rolls out digital signage network powered by Nsign.tv

Leicester College rolls out digital signage network powered by Nsign.tv

Leicester College, one of the largest colleges in the UK with more than 26,000 students and 1,600 staff, has deployed the Nsign.tv software platform for its new digital signage network. The initiative is part of the College’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by minimizing paper usage and ensuring real-time, relevant information dissemination across its three main campuses.


The digital signage network at Leicester College, featuring Iiyama 52 and 54 series screens strategically placed in receptions and refectory areas, is used to deliver the College community with latest information and updates. The displays are also part of the College’s lockdown procedure to ensure the safety and well-being of its students and staff in case of emergencies.


“Given that many of our Iiyama screens came with Nsign.tv embedded, it made sense to leverage this existing integration as our preferred medium”, explains Harshad Taylor, Director of IT at Leicester College. “The web-based portal made it easy to use, requiring no internal setup. With Iiyama screens equipped with the embedded version of Nsign.tv, no installation was needed. For other screens, the instructions facilitated a 10-minute setup, seamlessly connecting all screens to our Wi-Fi network.”


During open events, the all-in-one solution enables Leicester College the deployment of mobile screens on trolleys, eliminating the need for external players and facilitating easy relocation to different locations on any campus. Looking ahead, Taylor outlines plans for the project’s expansion: “We have successfully completed Phase 1 of the project, and our aim is to extend the digital signage network to other areas of the College in the future.”


(Photos: Nsign.tv/Leicester College)




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